Pet Shipping

If you are moving to a new country with your pet you need to be familiar with the rules and regulations that govern the transportation of animals or pet shipping. The recommendation is to use a pet shipping service by the professionals which are working in this field.

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

At Libra Worldwide we are able to assist with pet shipping from all major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai etc. to world wide destinations including the UK, South Africa, USA, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

Documents and formalities that are needed for pet shipping (may vary from country to country):

• Pets passport compliance and certification for entry to the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

• The pet must be microchipped.

• Health certificate.

• Vaccination certificate.

• Ownership papers.

• Copy of owner’s passport.

• Power of attorney, permitting Libra Worldwide to customs clear the pet. It can be sent by an e-mail attachment.

• Certificate from the district veterinarian, stating that export(pet shipping) to the destination country is possible, and there are no infection risks at destination.

• Quarantine alternatives for some countries the requirement for quarantine on arrival can be significantly reduced or lifted completely by a transition through India.

Documents above for pet shipping must not be older than 48 hours considering the departure date. Photocopies of all documents need to be included.

Pet shipping- Recommendations for a comfortable journey of your beloved pet:

• Let your pet get habitual to the kennel (the crate) before it travels. Five days are usually enough for your pet to adjust to the kennel (the crate) environment.

• Animals can get airsick too. Give your pet a small meal the evening before it travels and no later than 12 hours before the flight.

• Within 4 hours of departure, do not give your pet anything to drink.

• Make sure that your dog or cat goes to the toilet before it travels.

• Fix a label with the animal’s name and feeding instructions (preferably in English) on the side of the kennel.