Why choose us?

Why choose us?
Libra Worldwide Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

We spend over 14 hours per day so we can provide the best solutions for your business. Our support team work very hard so all your problems will be always fixed.

Clients & Testimonials

  • I’d just like to take a moment to thank Libra Worldwide Group for their quality service. Folks helped me with numerous questions as I converted my bags of clothes and other items to air cargo. All my things were reached very quickly and completely, took just 5 days for new york!! It’s awesome to see a company who stands behind their products.
    Vemu S.
    Westin Hotels
  • Yes, I like the Libra worldwide's shipping service, because the Libra worldwide can answer every doubt about international shipping . Having the same shipping line adds an advantage to the company.
    Somesh Chandra
    CMR group of Institutions
  • Someone told me that Libra shipping is good. So, I gave them a chance. Now I can say the same I heard.
    Dr. Reddy's Labs
  • So many possibilities all at your fingertips! I had one minor doubt regarding customs clearance so I contacted the export manager of Libra shipping – the support he gave was beyond what I was expecting – changed airline and get cleared my goods. Ease of contact 5 Stars, Flexibility 5 Stars, Packing 5 Stars.
    Satish Gupta
    Luxor Seatings
  • I have shipped my hosehold goods from hyderabad to Singapore in 23 june 2013.It was great to have service with libra worldwide shipping and logistics quiet good exprience with them, good manpower, professional attitude, altogether good and can recommend to have service with them.
    Vimal Raheja
    GE Capital
  • 5 stars, no word about that. Libra Worldwide shipped my glasswares to dubai , surprisingly no piece got damaged. Shrink wrap, sponge, the packing paper ... But then too, they could get damaged! I think I was lucky.
    Govind Kishore
    Videocon Industries
  • Libra Worldwide Shipping & Logistics is a company, defines the service quality what it supposed to be. The support is incredible my questions were answered the same day. :)
    IBM bigdata
  • This company is very professional in their work as well as in their behavior. I was little worried about my shifting as this was first time I was moving. One of my friend suggested to hire Libra Worldwide Shipping, since he had a very good experience with them. I finalized with them and got my stuff packed and handed over to them for forwarding it to USA. After a long journey of about more than a month my goods reached Jacksonville in a very good condition. Thanks a lot.
    Shushant Mishra
    AIG Insurance