Shipping Services

Sea Cargo Shipping Services

Standing in the row of leading Shipping companies in India, we offer a “One Stop Solution”. Our Shipping Services / Cargo Services include Packing of Sea Cargo, Customs Clearance, Containerization, Marine Insurance and Ocean Freight Forwarding. Our clients need not to arrange the containerization & customs of the cargo also they don’t bother about searching a new forwarding company. An well experienced well reputed among shipping companies Libra Worldwide Cargo Movers is there to pick and offload the goods at the port. Now, Libra Worldwide can take care of entire procedure for our respectable clients. ocean-cargo1

Sea Cargo Services:

  1.   Door to Port Shipping Services.
  2.   Door to Door Shipping Services.
  3.   Full Container Load (FCL)Cargo Shipping Service.
  4.   Less than Container Load (LCL)Cargo Shipping Services.
  5.   Documentation for Commercial    Shipments.
  6.   Luggage shipping services / Small personnel consignment.
  7.   Duty exemption and  CB analysis for personnel shipment.

Sea Cargo: Luggage shipping services or Excess Baggage

Sea cargo shipping services is the most cost-effective to send your Luggage or packages. You are charged only for the cargo space (in cubic meters) your packages occupy in a safe, sealed cargo container.

Our Shipping services – first preference of households, students and frequent shippers – is at a standard of its own.  Our package and Luggage shipping services with regular weekly sailings to more than 600 destinations worldwide. Shipments are covered by a Marine Insurance Policy (additional charges apply) .

Our Shipping Services include tracking of shipment to keep you up to date about your shipment. Simply leave us your email address and we will send you a shipping services advice email. This email will enlisting the name of the vessel your things are on, their expected arrival date in port, the name of your destination agent – and many more.
All you need to do is keep in mind that, extra forms may be needed at destination. These forms (including customs forms and passport copies) depends on destination. Contact us for further details about documents covering Sea cargo and Luggaage shipping services.

Air Cargo Shipping Services

Libra Worldwide Shipping & Logistics has a vast network of dedicated agent offices on worlds` busiest airports. Our agents ideally position us to offer a truly worldwide Air Cargo Shipping Service and Logistics Services to our clients.

We offer best in class Shipping Services (Air Cargo Services) on first available flights. Libra Worldwide Cargo Movers can quote best rates for destinations spreading worldwide.

We have made possible the overnight pickup of cargo by our dedicated staff, though we charge best competitive rates. We have complete cargo solutions to offer and put personalized attention on each and every consignment; whether it is large or small.

Full Cargo Shipping Services for your diversified needs:

  • Door to Door or Door to Airport services
  • Customs Clearance of Imported / Exporting Cargo
  • Packing and Crating Services-Custom made packages in addition with airline requirements
  • Representative/agents offices spread all over the world


If you have a requirement (Shipping Services, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo Services, Parcel Service, Courier Services), Libra Worldwide Cargo Movers’ Sales Team will be happy to communicate you through your options and advise you of a package which is perfect for your diversified needs. Please CONTACT US!

Door to Door Delivery (Air Cargo Services/Sea Cargo Services)

Relax, because your goods are in the hands which are providing Shipping Services successfully from last three decades. For Door to Door Sea Cargo Shipping services, we take care of everything a shipping company can do. We consisting customs – which means that our destination agent contacts you to help deal with all formalities and your goods are delivered at your door.

Libra Worldwide Cargo Movers‘ door to door delivery rates are noticeably competitive. We quote competitively for both Air Cargo and Sea Cargo Shipping Services. Door delivery rates cover Packing & Customs Clearance (on both sides) charges but also Freight, Trucking and Delivery to addresses in UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Kuala Lumpur. So many other destinations are also available for door to door delivery Shipping services.

Simply ask for elaborated information, plus full details of excluded charges including customs and quarantine inspections, terminal charges, cargo dues, destination X-ray fees, import duties and sales taxes.

For a best quote of door to door Package, Luggage shipping service, CONTACT US today!


Door to Port Delivery (Air Cargo Services/Sea Cargo Services)

Our Door-to-port service is extremely reliable and cost-effective way of shipping goods internationally. The term Door-to-Port is pretty simple: The goods are picked up from your home or office and delivered to an international Port/Airport or inland terminal selected by you.

Then, you simply collect your belongings at the destination port or airport, clear them through customs and settle any destination charges. Charges that may be applicable- any terminal fees, inspection charges, customs duty, local tax, warfare fees, including quarantine fees (where applicable).

There is also customs paperwork involved and our agents will assist you in that. Our Shipping Services include shipment tracking system, to keep you in knowledge of your shipments’ location all the way to the port of destination. We offer services to more than 600 destinations and cities.

For a best quote of door to port package shipping service, contact us today!


Our dedicated staff is expert in any type of domestic as well as international documentation services including customs clearance for various kinds of Air cargo and Sea cargo. Adequate documentation conforms regulatory requirements. This makes sure the consignment reach its destination without delay and any financial losses. Libra Worldwide Cargo Movers can simply process this by guiding you through specific documentation requirements for specific cargo all over the world.

They include:

  • Packing Lists & Declarations
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Bills of Lading
  • Fumigation Certificates
  • Let Export Orders (LEO)
  • Import & Export Customs & MAF Clearances
  • Airway Bills
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Cargo Insurance Certificates
  • Letters of Credit

Customs Clearance of Air Cargo and Sea Cargo

As each product and commodity is not similar, the market is also diversified.  The Rules, SION, import/export duties vary from market to market and from time to time.

As we are providing Shipping services for a long time, we have the experience and knowledge to meet all import and export requirements with both Indian Customs as well as other Countries. Throughout the Europe, far east and USA we can quickly and effectively process all necessary country specific documentation. This  is done through our custom partners’ network.

We offer a range of value-added solutions, when one’s (air cargo or sea cargo)shipment has special clearance requirements. As required by a local regulatory authority, these services are tailor-made for the additional processing – or to support you when you’re asking special processing.

For all your International Moving, Relocation, Packing, Courier, Parcel, Shipping Services and Transportation needs, Contact Libra Worldwide Shipping and Logistics and get a tailor-made quotation for free.