Door to Port Cargo & Shipping Service

Door to Port (Sea & Air) Cargo Service

Our Door-to-port cargo service is extremely reliable and cost-effective way of shipping your cargo internationally. The term Door-to-Port shipping is pretty simple: The cargo or the shipment is picked up from your home or office and delivered to an international Port/Airport or inland terminal selected by you.

Then, you simply collect your cargo at the destination port or airport, clear them through customs and settle any destination charges that may be applicable – including any terminal fees, inspection charges, customs duty, terminal charges, local tax, warfare fees, including quarantine fees (wherever applicable).

There is also customs paperwork involved and our agents will assist you in that. With our shipment tracking system, you keep you in knowledge of your shipments’ location all the way to the port of destination. We offer cargo shipping services to more than 600 destinations and cities.

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