International Relocation Services

Certified by various international authorities and supported by several local transport unions  makes us known and reliable international relocation service partner for individual and corporate in international relocation and moving field. Having own clearing license we Clear and Forward the cargo on our own. Also we act like an Agent for many Indian relocation companies that has put us on a level where we can serve our customers an up to the mark relocation service.

international relocation servicesLibra Worldwide Shipping & Logistics have the knowledge of many years in international relocation field, thus make it possible clear the shipment from customs more comfortably and and deliver it safely on destination located far from the India.

Libra Worldwide Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers full comprehensive international relocation service to customers all across India and abroad. One can assure itself about extensive, rapid and credible service as our international relocation service is supported by our well established Packing and Shipping Services where we have Air Cargo and Sea Cargo as the modes of Transportation.

International Relocation Services expansion:

Packing Service:

We ensure that your belongings are packed in such a manner so that they don’t stand any chances of damage during transportation, but reach to the destination safely and securely. Libra Worldwide Packers and Movers have all the material and latest packaging equipments that ensure safety of your goods and make your shifting convenient and hassle-free.

Modes of Transport:

By Air Cargo(Door Delivery or Airport Delivery available)

  • For High value goods needed urgently and for packages with less volume.
  • Weight is measured volumetric and actual basis (both).

By Sea Cargo (Port Delivery and Door Delivery available)

  •  Takes times in transit, for medium to high volume of goods.
  •  Measured in cbm.

Our vast network of offices in various Indian cities makes us capable of picking consignments and shipments for relocation internationally from any city of the country.

Standing with our reliable agent offices worldwide, Libra Worldwide compares its international relocation service with the best.

For all your International Relocation, Moving, Packing, Courier, Parcel, Shipping and Transportation needs, Contact Libra Worldwide Shipping and Logistics and get a tailor-made quotation for free.